Sunday, November 13, 2011

To Your Taste

I just finished an incredible salad I made for lunch.  Arugula, mint, roasted parsnips, carrot, dulse, lentils (I just made.) with an ume and oil dressing.  It was so quick, simple and divine.  Plus it was different from the others I did this week with Arugula, fennel, artichoke, avocado and a thick tofu creamy dressing, also Divine.  As I sat chewing the variety of textures and flavors wondering why salad bars are so boring or when there might be a restaurant with a whole variety of things that are simple and gourmet and easy to accommodate for varying tastes?  I hope someday the Cafe M model expands and other people take the principles of eating well and create restaurants with exceptional food, great ingredients everyone can feel good about and a lovely place to sit.

For now, your kitchen is probably the best food in town.

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