Thursday, November 3, 2011

Dinner Pancakes that are Lightening Fast To Make - Divine to Eat.

Pancakes are one of my favorite things.  Thick, thin, savory, or sweet, there is just something satisfying about a bread batter fried in a pan.  My dinner pancake last night was particularly wonderful with a crisp side, and fluffy, gooey dough surrounding perfectly cooked onions and broccoli with just a drizzle of a sweet soy sauce sauce.  It was pancake perfection.  Yes, I made a Japanese Okonomiyaki.  A street food that I learned to do in Australia.  Usually made with eggs, I have done them with tofu as well.  I like the egg batter better but if you are unable to eat les oeufs, you can still enjoy your creation. 

One of the best reasons to make this meal in a pan is how fast it goes.  In ten minutes you have a meal and only one pan to clean up.  The translation means "what you want," as far as I know.  You can put anything inside or on top of the simple treat and eat like a pizza.  I prefer to make them rather on the thick side using a lid when cooking to make sure they get cooked all the way through.

It's just one of the terrific recipes that are in the Stories, Tips and Recipes book you can get here:

Japanese pancake - Okonomiyaki

Roughly translated into “What you like” so use this as a springboard for you to create all sorts of fun creations.  Add seafood or chicken or any vegetable combinations that you can dream up.  This dish can really be a whole meal and is good any time of day.  If you don’t eat eggs just use some tofu instead.  This makes about 2 good sized pancakes.

2 eggs
2 cups flour (I used freshly ground spelt or whole wheat pastry flour)
7oz Dashi broth (or water or broth of your choice)
1/2 small green cabbage, shredded
4-5 green onions, chopped
Rice bran oil (or other oil to cook with)

To make the Dashi, place one small packet of Bonito flakes (about 1-2 Tablespoons) in 3-4 cups of water with a 1” piece of Kombu and bring to a boil.  Simmer for a minute or two and then let cool.  Strain out the Bonito and Kombu and use the broth.  It’s a nice soup stock so be sure to keep the leftover.

Slightly beat the eggs and add to the less than one cup of Dashi.  Place the flour in a mixing bowl and then add the egg mixture to the flour and mix with a whisk.  Add in your other ingredients.  Heat a skillet and add enough rice bran oil to cover the bottom of the pan.  Place about 1/2 cup of the batter in the pan and spread out to form a thick pancake.  Allow to cook over medium/low heat until brown and then flip and cook the other side.  A cast iron pan works very well for these pancakes.  Garnish with Nori flakes, pickled ginger and sweet soy sauce (recipe below).

Sweet Soy Sauce
Feel free to make your own sauce.  You might like to add wasabi powder or more sweetener for example.

2 T. Organic Tamari
2 tsp. Organic brown rice syrup
1 tsp. veganaise or other mayonnaise

Mix ingredients and drizzle on the hot pancakes

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