Saturday, November 26, 2011

Cyber Monday deals on books

Apparently you should look for Cyber Monday deals on The paperback books make terrific stocking stuffers.  You can get 25% off right now on any orders by using the code HOLIDAYNOW when you check out. 

I like theStimulating Stories, Tips and Recipes

Stimulating Stories, Tips and Recipes 

It's got terrific recipes as well as useful tips and relatable true tales.  It's not a book you need to read from cover to cover but can have fun flipping around and just picking a short random excerpt.

The short story is there for a contest they had on the site so don't bother ordering it.  It's super short and was specific to the contest details. 

You can look at the contents of each book.  Be sure to note which item you are clicking as they now have the print books separate from the ebook versions.  I always like a paper copy I can have in my hands but the books are selling far better for ipads.  I would guess you can gift those as well but it's still far more fun to have things to physically open.  With 25% off you can enjoy giving a few.

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