Thursday, November 10, 2011

Beauty Comes In All Sizes - Health Doesn't

I just saw a FB post that was being liked, applauded and re-posted.  It made me angry. The attractive woman in the picture is holding a lit cigarette and has a bored rocker chick type expression, heavy make-up and a 1950ish, Mad Men wardrobe and hair.  The copy next to her has this woman explaining she loves food, hates exercise and wants to make an amazing album and be fabulous not skinny.  I look at her puffed out lips, languid expression and of course the lit cigarette and think - If you are not healthy how are you going to have energy and stamina to perform and be fabulous. 

Being healthy has nothing to do with being skinny and neither does being beautiful.  In fact my personal trainer friend is always on my case to gain weight.  She is from Jamaica and thinks a little bigger is far more beautiful.  It's the culture she grew up with. I grew up with Twiggy. 

This poster or what ever it is is fun, toungue and cheek and helps women who might have been rejecting their extra pounds feel a little better, but do you remember the 1950's? We have a retirement age of 65 simply because at that time it was the average age men died.  People smoked, didn't exercise or eat well and they aged far faster, had more ailments and died sooner.  It sounds so romantic to live how you want, be a rebel and do your down and dirty art.  The reality is it doesn't feel good and is not as much fun as living well.  You don't need to suffer to make good art.  Life will give you enough obstacles to have a well to pull from.

You also do not need to be model thin or perfect features to be beautiful.  When you are healthy and happy and doing things you love you will shine and be beautiful.  It's kind of cliche but true.  The wishing to be something you aren't is what keeps you stuck in trying to always fix something.  So maybe this girl could give up smoking, take some walks or learn to dance for her performances and start having a healthy image that makes her feel good about herself.  Just her statements alone that she would rather weigh a ton and make a great album rather than be skinny like Nicole Richie means she is comparing and bitter and feeling less than great about herself. 

Live well not sized.  I hope she makes her fabulous album and stops complaining.

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