Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Just until Thursday

Today and tomorrow you get free ground shipping on all books you order from 
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Get some recipes and start cooking up some fast and easy healthy fare today!  They also make great gifts so you could get a jump on the holidays. 

Now is a terrific time to make your weight loss/health living goals a reality.  Have the body you keep saying you want, right now, and show it off this holiday season instead of waiting for one day.  Let go of finding the right outfit to hide under and drop what you don't like.  Slip into some terrific eating that will make you glow.  You deserve it.

I used to struggle with my weight and felt bad whenever I saw my folks.  Really I felt bad every day and it just amplified around people I had not seen in a while.  I felt judged and unhappy in my body.  I learned how to eat well to cure my health problems but one of the most glorious benefits was never having to think about weight again. 

I've stayed a slender sexy shape and size now for years without ever worrying about it.  I exercise less than I used to and I have more muscle.  How is that possible.  It's all in the diet.  Some foods just give you more.  Knowing which ones do what is the key.  There is one grain that is alkalizing while the others are slightly acid forming.  There is one oil that helps your body eliminate fats rather than stick them on your thighs or belly.  There is a root that will clean you blood and dissolve fats so it can clear your skin and shrink your waistline.  There is another root that can alkalize you so well it can stop a hangover or have you recover quickly from too much sugar or oil.  It's knowing when salads are making you fat and hearty stews are slimming.  Every ingredient has a consequence so you can make the most out of your meal by knowing what those are.  Get the good ones. 

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Take advantage of the free shipping on books and start making your life be what you want it be - today!

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