Saturday, October 1, 2011

Harmless Harvest Hits the Market Today

Harmless Harvest is in Whole Foods stores nation wide today.  I tasted the difference of this raw coconut water from the very first sip.  "Wow" popped out of my lips and made the cute tester guy laugh and say "That's what I'm talking about."  I wish they gave out cases of product like other companies have done so I could hand you a bottle of your own.  Instead, you'll have to look for it at Whole Foods.  I find it a wonderful afternoon treat.  Immediately it picks me up and I feel better without any negative effects I've had from some of these waters.  Another brand was my favorite until I learned how much the product is sprayed.  There is something just right about Harmless Harvest from the way they do business to the high standards of freshness.  I wish them well with their launch today.

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