Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Busier Your Are - The More Food Can Support You

Do you feel pulled in many directions?  Carpools, clients, baby shower gifts to buy, your husbands laundry to be picked up or does anyone really iron themselves anymore? (Yeah, my mom...) So really, should I be more sympathetic when my clients tell me they have no time to eat so healthy?  NO!  The cleaner you eat, the more time you will have.

That might sound backwards.  I know you need to chop, cook and clean up, how can that give you more time?  When your food choices are extremely clean, your mind is calm, centered, and your energy soars.  It's easier to accomplish tasks and make decisions and things flow far better and more smoothly.  You might feel like you are living inside the Matrix movie where time bends to your will or you glide through your day like a super hero.  Not always, but there are those moments. 

The biggest trick is to be so committed that you don't say F-it and grab a soda or pizza or a fool yourself into thinking your making a healthy choice - bar.  (sorry Clif - I don't have a high opinion of most of these trying to be better than candy bar bars.) Let go of the rationalizations such as snacking and saying you'll skip a meal.  That makes you feel left out and often binge later.

Plan 3 simple, easy and quick meals for yourself.  I plan the night before.  Some folks like to plan the whole week. 

Learn to chop quickly and prepare easily.  Take a lesson if you need to.  It will save you time for the rest of you life.

Stay inspired to make good choices.  Make a visual college if that helps.  Get weekly coaching sessions.  Tell people what you are up to and make yourself more accountable.

Let go of the ideas of being on a diet or "cheating" because that childish behavior will defeat you.  If you want something that doesn't line up with your plan and you've been wanting it or it seems the right thing to do than do it with good feelings and stop sabotaging yourself with trying to figure a way out of what you say you want. 

Be the loving parent you never had and start treating your body well.  It will reward you, and you'll start to have more time to enjoy your life.

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