Monday, September 26, 2011

Sometimes making something out of nothing is more than okay

I love the "I don't really have anything to eat" that turns into a gourmet dinner.  I came home tonight knowing I had little more than lettuce in my fridge and a half of an avocado that needed to be consumed before it had to be tossed.  I was getting ready for a simple salad and grain meal and call it a night.  I didn't feel like shopping or eating out after this very busy day.

When I opened the fridge - I also had a sweet potato and way up on a shelf - yes, a can of Eden organic black beans.  Fortuitously the mail had delivered my ivory teff today so you can just imagine what my incredibly wonderful dinner was.  Yes, I lightly toasted some teff and cooked it up into creamy goodness.  While that was taking its 20 minutes to cook, I pan roasted the sweet potato in small chunks, tossing it onto the quickly assembled salad with a nice ume vinaigrette.  It was delightful to look at and wonderfully satisfying.  Now I'm all set with a mug of licorice tea to dig into some homework. 

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