Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Risk Light

So many people are afraid to lose.  I wonder if that is some of the reason why shedding pounds becomes a struggle.  I emailed a friend about a speed dating thing that only cost $15 and she came back with all sorts of questions that showed me her fear.  Is it legit?  Where is the company? How do you know who will show up?  Sheesh, if she can't risk a few dollars and a little time than she gets to stay stuck in being lonely.  I'm not saying she might meet the man of her dreams on this very outing but she could have some fun or make a new friend or at the very least be putting energy out towards what she says she wants.  Her fear of loss keeps her stuck.

Life is risky.  You've got to take actions and see what happens and often without knowing what the outcome will be.  Bigger risks often have bigger payoffs.  If you are not willing to risk at all, you box yourself in and can even cause yourself harm.  The folks who eat mono diets don't get enough nutrients and those that over supplement can literally poison themselves in the name of trying to be safe. 

While your own experience may not be this extreme - where might you risk to have just a tad more fun or zip in your day?  Would you be willing to try some new foods and let go of some old ones?  Would you be willing to attempt a new sport?  I went rowing for the first time last week and while I was pretty lousy at it at first, by the end I found a rhythm with it.  This week I'm giving indoor rock climbing a try.  I met a man who won't do such things because he figures if he gets injured and can't work, his life is over.  The odds are greater he'll be fired for doing boring work since he can't bring himself to live a little.  Food is the only area he seems to be adventurous in and then he worries about getting fat so he starves in between adventures.  Then wonders why the weight sticks around on his poor body that is struggling with his conditions. 

Lightening up is not just a slogan.  It's having things be more fluid, fun and free.  It is not about putting yourself in danger but rather giving things a go that can bring more life into your life.  Step out and Risk Light... I want to hear what you are up to.

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