Saturday, September 10, 2011

On Letting Go

First - if you purchased the buy 3 get cookbook 1 for free we talked about last week, you have to email me after you purchase at and send me a copy of your purchase and I will email you the 1st cookbook I did. I can't see who purchases what or anything from there so the only way I would know you did get yourself some of the paperbacks or downloads from there is if you tell me.

Okay - so now a little bit on letting go.  My client asked me the other day, "how do you let go?"  She wants to.  She would like to let go of all sorts of ideas and thoughts that are getting in her way.  She wants to have the experience of letting go and feeling some relief. 

I have tried the image of holding water as tight as she could in her fist and then opening the fist to let it go.  Most of the water escapes anyway but her clenching fist gets tired working so hard and then she can feel the let go when she doesn't have to clench anymore.  Somehow that just didn't translate for her.

Another analogy I used was allowing her to see that she can simply let go of one thought by replacing it with something else.  Imagine you are walking down the street and have some not very nice thought about a person ahead of you.  You feel the anger inside of you and hear yourself calling them names.  By catching that and turning it around into some other idea like maybe they had a bad day, just got fired or are really really tired you might find the first thoughts have been left behind. 

Letting go can be that simple.  It's your own brain you are taming with letting go, not some magical machine you need to learn how to take parts out of.  Don't think that you need to forgive or have everything all worked out to let go.  You can simply move on and stop dragging your past into your now so that you keep recreating some past event presently.  Let that go and enjoy this moment and what you want to have now.  Don't waste your energy on things you can't control.  Being mad about the weather for example is probably not doing much to the weather.  Let the weather do its thing and try to enjoy the changes. 

Letting go of weight means that you don't go back to old habits and patterns that brought all of that extra weight on in the first place.  Let go of what you think "should" happen.  I used to believe I was entitled to dessert every night.  That was how I was raised and I didn't feel happy if I didn't get a treat.  I let that idea go.  Now desserts are even more special when they happen but I am free from the have to's, must be this way's and shoulding on myself.  Well, at least when it comes to dessert.

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