Saturday, August 20, 2011

Something to do with veggies from the Sea even a Foodie could enjoy

By definition I'm sure I'm not a Foodie. I have no idea what wine goes best with duck. In fact I've never cooked duck or wild game at all. Foodies are far more interested in what the latest and greatest restaurants are, what is the hip ingredient of the moment and where they can go and experience a gastronomic pleasure to make anyone in the Foodie world jealous or shy of saying they had not heard of that place before...

I'm more interested in what creates health or slashes it to pieces. Most people today know cigarettes are not good for them even though just a few decades ago they were chic. Most people don't want to look at their favorite packaged creations as equal to smoking but they just might be.

I predict that in the not too distant future we'll have a seaweed fad just like goji berries and magosteen juice had their moment. Seaweeds are extraordinary to create health, energy and weight loss. Since they are so foreign and often cooked miserably many chefs avoid them. I advise playing. Just put a small piece of Dulse on a soup or a salad or sprinkle some Nori around. Nori also dissolves well in salad dressings and Dulse can be toasted to give a dish a nice baconish flavor.

A trick to making a dish pop from ordinary to a tantalizing new taste can be as simple as that. Add mint and a touch of agave to a coleslaw or mix in a little seaweed too. For Hijiki and Arame that need cooking, they also need good seasoning. I have yet to find really terrific seaweed dishes in restaurants because most go far too light with the dressing or the sauce. Sea veggies have strong personalities and need a good dose of Tamari and sweetener for a teriaki type glaze or onions and curry to give them an Indian flair... Add a little to a quiche or mix into your stir fry.

They won't balance out eating your slice of cake, but with consistent use, you just might see your hair get fuller and shinier, your skin take on a luster or pounds fall off with ease. What could be better, an ocean of discovery that even a Foodie can enjoy.

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