Monday, August 29, 2011

The Morning after Irene has gone

I had just written this whole beautiful blog post on the hurricane and how we can equate it to our diets. I have two gmail accounts and had just attempted to be able to have them both open at the same time so that I can switch between the two without signing in and out each time. Guess what, that makes blogger not work so I lost the post I wrote. Ooops.

So what to talk about now on this gorgeous day, after the city that never sleeps was pretty much shut down and has to be woken up again?

Moving on. Being prepared is far better than scrambling or complaining or wishing you had done something differently. Learning how foods work and what they can do is just great knowledge to have. It's being prepared. It's taking care each day to feel terrific. It pays off.

I didn't have to stock up or run around. I already had a flashlight and batteries. I filled up all of the containers I had with filtered water and went on with my life. I closed the windows to keep out the blowing rain.

If you don't know which foods will give you energy and what's draining you than it's like keeping the windows open in the storm. It puts you at risk. Knowing how to eat for different conditions or situations just gives you the power to live at a higher level. Don't get flooded by ignorance.
Learn now what to eat for living a maximum, glorious and powerful life. Then move on and live it. What does your dream look like. Start it now.

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