Monday, August 1, 2011

Lose the false rules

I've watched a friend of mine struggle with her weight for 20 years. She says that she really would like to be thinner and sometimes she is. To shed some pounds she'll build up her mental reserves and start some diet or another until she can't keep it up and she goes back to her comfort zone. Not all at once but eventually she finds her way back to what feels normal to her.

That was until now. Now she finally heard me when I talked about the sigh. You know that sigh that happens when your stomach is filled with food. She also finally realized that my idea of supposed to's being silly, really did make some sense. We live with ideas all of the time on how things are supposed to be. I do like the collective agreement on time so that there is some order to life. We can agree to start things at a specific hour and all show up that way. Dessert on the other hand does not have to come at the end of a meal or even be a part of every single day.

This idea never went over very well before with her. She felt that breakfast should have certain items like orange juice and that dessert must come at the end of evening meal. Dinner just wouldn't be the same without it. She had her own rules about snacks or if different foods were good or bad. I have never agreed with all of her ideas and she has never embraced mine. Until she did. I recently saw her via google video chat and she was thinner than I ever remember her being. She gave up her rules. Her ideas that were having her consume foods because she deserved something or she needed energy or any number of false ideas that she liked to tell herself.

Creating new habits can be as easy as just dropping your rules and adopting ideas that serve you better. Take a look at what's ruling you. Is it true? Who made it up? If you want to keep it fine. If not, losing some inches could be as simple as letting go of your rules.

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