Friday, August 5, 2011

Intestinal troubles - there are are solutions

I'm watching my cookbooks sell faster than ever as they just are going up one by one for the Apple Ipad. What is interesting to me is the top seller. The one that more people are interested in is the Candida Clearing cookbook. Apparently more and more people are suffering from abdominal distress.

I remember how frustrating it was when I had Candida. Getting my flora completely back to normal made a world of difference in having a slender flat tummy, great energy and even thicker hair. Hair on the head is directly related to what is happening in your gut.

My experience was that diet alone really couldn't make a difference with clearing candida though. I had to figure out the best route with supplements. People came to me when their meds were not working and they wanted to throw up their hands and cry with despair but they always found relief if they kept experimenting with suggestions I had discovered. You have to persevere and get through the part that feels like there might not be an end. It's great to get some inspiration from a book or a class and there is nothing like the personal connection. Grab a friend or have a session with a coach to get support.

If you are working on intestinal healing, please get what you need to be completely clear. When you only partially right yourself you will still have to deal with mood swings, abdominal swelling from eating some foods, irregular bowel, emotional outbursts, etc. Doctors should not be shunned or overlooked as sometimes prescriptions will speed your healing process up and make it work that much better. Healing can be a concert of treatments.

Here is a little taste from the Candida Clearing Cookbook:

Curry Pockets

A fun way to eat veggies and packed with minerals thanks to the Arame. This makes a fun appetizer or addition to a meal.

3-4 green onions chopped

2-3 carrots cut into small matchsticks

6-7 Chinese cabbage leaves, chopped

1/2 C. Arame soaked for 5 minutes

Safflower or olive oil

Wheat free organic soy sauce

Ume vinegar

Curry powder

Cumin powder


Garam Masalah

Rice "paper" Spring roll wrappers

1 tsp. Kudzu (optional) dissolved in a small amount of water

Sauté the onion, carrot, cabbage and Arame in a Tablespoon or two of oil. Add a sprinkle of Ume vinegar and a sprinkle of soy sauce. Add the spices to your own taste. I prefer more curry powder and turmeric with less cumin and Garam Masalah. Adjust by tasting. (Guideline might be 1tsp. Turmeric, 1 tsp. Curry powder, 1/2 tsp. Garam Masalah and 1/2 tsp. Cumin powder) add a small amount of water to cook everything together well. To thicken the sauce add the kudzu and stir while adding.

Heat a large round pan with 2" of water in it. Let the water get hot but not boiling. One by one add the Spring roll wrappers to soften. As one is soft you can lay it on a plate or cutting board and fill with a little filling and than wrap the wrapper around the filling like folding an envelope to create each "pocket". A nice presentation is to line a plate with butter lettuce leaves and place the pockets on top. You might even eat with the lettuce wrapped around the outside as well. Enjoy!

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