Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Great find

Did you see DailyCandy this morning? They have a knack for finding the coolest stuff. I loved the description today of how some of us find cooking to be so much fun and they equated that with we are the bunch who floss and work out regularily too. While I do find cooking to be fairly easy and enjoyable most of the time, I need inspiration. The site they boasted about today is full of it.

I love how the site looks with the beautiful pictures and the ease of use. Type in what you have in your fridge or a single ingredient to get ideas. While you will most likely need to modify recipes to suit yourself, it can spark imaginative minglings you might not have thought up before. It even seems to remember where you last were looking. Hmmmm are smart books in our future that know what we like even before we do?

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