Saturday, August 13, 2011

Fat Moments

Sometimes people ask me if I was ever fat. "I've had fat moments." I explain. I had times when I was heavier, perhaps not more than 10-15 pounds overweight. Then there was a time when I was downright fat, plump and hated it. I tried diets. All sorts of diets. I tried supplements. Things that were now taken off the market as they were probably dangerous. Some of them were pills, some of them were little chocolate squares. I never did any of those things for long. I did cry a lot. I also wore overalls to hide my shame.

Then I met a woman who changed how I viewed the world. She taught me I could eat anything I wanted to and still be exactly the size and shape that I wanted to be. As my thoughts shifted so did my weight. I started to become more slender but I was still searching for the magic in my health. Then I discovered eating the whole foods type of diet I do now. It has been a process. A long process of trial and error. As soon as I switched my diet to one rich in whole foods and hardly any processed foods - voila, I shifted into Hollywood thin and stayed there ever since.

One of the keys to my success has been learning the differences even in whole foods. Some vegetables are more acid forming, some alkalizing. Acid forming foods tend to puff a body out. I still love my sweets. I eat less of them than I used to. I eat more fruit than cupcakes for sure. French toast and pancakes are reserved for the weekends and whole grain is the cereal most mornings...

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