Monday, August 22, 2011

Blog News - Seaonal Changes - Kickstart Your Life

Seasonal changes come like them or not. I'm sitting on the third floor of a Manhattan building just now, with a cool breeze floating in the window on this glorious late summer day. I wish that time could at least slow down, if not stay put. It always seems to go so quickly when things feel wonderful. When pain is around, its usually just the opposite.

As many of you know, my coming to New York was part of my own self coaching to create in new areas. I've decided that right after Labor Day is when more changes will begin and will be devoted to writing, as that is what is hanging on my shingle these days - as one of my teachers would say.

For only a short time you will still be able to purchase the cookbooks and journals before they are retired. While the recipes are still wonderful, my writing has improved and I no longer feel that the stories represent what is current. They are still relevant and inspirational but it's just time for them to take their place as part of a season that has passed. To grab your fast and easy recipes be sure to go to right now.

The second thing that will change will be coaching session prices. If you are a current student, don't panic, you are grandfathered in at your current rate. If you have been thinking of doing a session, now is the time before the rates go up significantly or there is extremely limited availability.

Think about your life right now.

Are you completely satisfied in the area of your body? Do you have the energy you would like to have? What size makes you feel the most sexy and alive? How do you want to feel in your clothes?

What about finances? Are you believing the media and getting more and more worried over the state of the economy? Have you thought about what is most important to you and are you spending there? Do you see how you might rethink your bank accounts to work better for you?

What about your job? Is it satisfying? Do you feel good from it each day and love getting to work in your field? Or do you feel like a sellout and that your job is sacrificing your health or well being in any way? What would you do if you were in your dream job right now?

Think about your family and friends. Are your relationships exciting and fun? Maybe you dread seeing those you are tied to, would you like to turn that around? Would you like to be in a romantic relationship or improve the one you have?

Now is the season for you to start living your dreams. Some people are headed into the classroom and others the boardroom. Take your life to the next level and take actions towards the life you want to be living more of right now!

Grab a coaching session with me while you still can, get an inspirational book or just dive in and begin doing those things that you have been putting off doing to have your life be better than ever. Now is a great time.

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