Sunday, August 21, 2011

Belly Flat (lentil salad recipe included)

Many people tell me they eat healthy and then go on to ask why they have extra fat around their middle or all over. For the most part when I look at diets I see a lot of extra refined foods and often not enough of the good stuff.

One guy was eating too little period. His sparse diet included healthy items, but then he would have dessert every night and drinks a few times a week or go crazy in a restaurant with his friends. His slender frame had a tire starting to form just above his waistband.

Another woman in her late 30's wanted to blame her stuck weight on hormones or slowing metabolism when in reality it was the extras that were bringing her down. The sugar in her salad dressing and bread, the coffee drinks in the afternoon or smoothies in the morning. She was consuming far more sugar than she realized because in her mind she thought she only needed to worry about dessert.

The other culprit to curse your belly to bulge is not enough fiber. Crackers, pasta and bread are all refined. Even when they say "whole grain" they won't be the same as eating some barley or brown rice. You might be surprised at how much more quantity you can consume and weigh less when you eat foods that are close to just being harvested.

Try this lentil salad with your favorite whole grain.

Lentil Salad

1 Cup lentils

2 bay leaves

1” kombu sea vegetable

2 stalks celery, chopped

½ small red onion, chopped fine

2 large green onions, chopped

¼ cup parsley, chopped

small amount of lemon zest

1 large clove garlic, minced

¼ Cup olive oil

½ Cup apple cider vinegar (or brown rice vinegar)

¼ - ½ tsp. sea salt

1 heaping Tablespoon prepared mustard

Rinse the lentils and place in a pot with water to cover by 1 ½ inches. Add the kombu and bay leaves and bring to a boil. Turn down the heat to simmer and cover the pot. Cook for approximately 45 minutes. The lentils should still hold their shape and not be overly mushy. Remove the bay leaves and kombu and stir in the onions, celery and parsley. Place the lid back on the pot and allow to cool. Mix the remaining ingredients together in a bowl and allow the flavors to combine while the lentils cool and then add just enough dressing to the lentils for your own taste. Serve on your favorite greens.

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