Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Drop "Right" and get Fr*e!

The most freeing thing any of my teachers ever said to me is "There is no right." That was Candace Silvers. I looked up to her and sat at her feet (metaphorically) for years. Once she took away the concept of trying to be "right" I was far more creative, playful and allowing. I had been raised in the do it right mindset that had me gasping for air. You need air to live.

Most people think there is a right way to eat. They want to believe they are doing it right or they enjoy cheating because it gives them a thrill to be "bad". Remember Michael Jackson's "Thriller"? He got that being bad was cool. The only problem with this is when you are so enamored with being cool and trying to live above consequences, you are still subject to things like gravity or physical reactions to what you eat.

I had built in moderators. My skin goes crazy and my health immediately takes a hit when I try to goof off and eat all sorts of crazy things. It's pretty simple to stop doing things that hurt when they consistently and blatantly cause suffering with a specific action. It takes a little more reminding when the consequences are more subtle and sneak up on you. Like a belly that has grown or pants that just don't zip up anymore.

Candace also gave us tools. She has a great tools tape and taught us specific things that we could do to make our acting scenes pop or recognize human behavior and shift to have a better life. It is the same with food. You learn how the foods work. You stop guessing and start living and the guidelines help to make your life more full, fun and free. Suffering isn't cool but having healthy fun is far better than cheating or sneaking. Letting go of doing things perfectly is fabulously freeing.

Thanks Candace!

Monday, August 29, 2011

The Morning after Irene has gone

I had just written this whole beautiful blog post on the hurricane and how we can equate it to our diets. I have two gmail accounts and had just attempted to be able to have them both open at the same time so that I can switch between the two without signing in and out each time. Guess what, that makes blogger not work so I lost the post I wrote. Ooops.

So what to talk about now on this gorgeous day, after the city that never sleeps was pretty much shut down and has to be woken up again?

Moving on. Being prepared is far better than scrambling or complaining or wishing you had done something differently. Learning how foods work and what they can do is just great knowledge to have. It's being prepared. It's taking care each day to feel terrific. It pays off.

I didn't have to stock up or run around. I already had a flashlight and batteries. I filled up all of the containers I had with filtered water and went on with my life. I closed the windows to keep out the blowing rain.

If you don't know which foods will give you energy and what's draining you than it's like keeping the windows open in the storm. It puts you at risk. Knowing how to eat for different conditions or situations just gives you the power to live at a higher level. Don't get flooded by ignorance.
Learn now what to eat for living a maximum, glorious and powerful life. Then move on and live it. What does your dream look like. Start it now.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Blog News - Seaonal Changes - Kickstart Your Life

Seasonal changes come like them or not. I'm sitting on the third floor of a Manhattan building just now, with a cool breeze floating in the window on this glorious late summer day. I wish that time could at least slow down, if not stay put. It always seems to go so quickly when things feel wonderful. When pain is around, its usually just the opposite.

As many of you know, my coming to New York was part of my own self coaching to create in new areas. I've decided that right after Labor Day is when more changes will begin and will be devoted to writing, as that is what is hanging on my shingle these days - as one of my teachers would say.

For only a short time you will still be able to purchase the cookbooks and journals before they are retired. While the recipes are still wonderful, my writing has improved and I no longer feel that the stories represent what is current. They are still relevant and inspirational but it's just time for them to take their place as part of a season that has passed. To grab your fast and easy recipes be sure to go to right now.

The second thing that will change will be coaching session prices. If you are a current student, don't panic, you are grandfathered in at your current rate. If you have been thinking of doing a session, now is the time before the rates go up significantly or there is extremely limited availability.

Think about your life right now.

Are you completely satisfied in the area of your body? Do you have the energy you would like to have? What size makes you feel the most sexy and alive? How do you want to feel in your clothes?

What about finances? Are you believing the media and getting more and more worried over the state of the economy? Have you thought about what is most important to you and are you spending there? Do you see how you might rethink your bank accounts to work better for you?

What about your job? Is it satisfying? Do you feel good from it each day and love getting to work in your field? Or do you feel like a sellout and that your job is sacrificing your health or well being in any way? What would you do if you were in your dream job right now?

Think about your family and friends. Are your relationships exciting and fun? Maybe you dread seeing those you are tied to, would you like to turn that around? Would you like to be in a romantic relationship or improve the one you have?

Now is the season for you to start living your dreams. Some people are headed into the classroom and others the boardroom. Take your life to the next level and take actions towards the life you want to be living more of right now!

Grab a coaching session with me while you still can, get an inspirational book or just dive in and begin doing those things that you have been putting off doing to have your life be better than ever. Now is a great time.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Belly Flat (lentil salad recipe included)

Many people tell me they eat healthy and then go on to ask why they have extra fat around their middle or all over. For the most part when I look at diets I see a lot of extra refined foods and often not enough of the good stuff.

One guy was eating too little period. His sparse diet included healthy items, but then he would have dessert every night and drinks a few times a week or go crazy in a restaurant with his friends. His slender frame had a tire starting to form just above his waistband.

Another woman in her late 30's wanted to blame her stuck weight on hormones or slowing metabolism when in reality it was the extras that were bringing her down. The sugar in her salad dressing and bread, the coffee drinks in the afternoon or smoothies in the morning. She was consuming far more sugar than she realized because in her mind she thought she only needed to worry about dessert.

The other culprit to curse your belly to bulge is not enough fiber. Crackers, pasta and bread are all refined. Even when they say "whole grain" they won't be the same as eating some barley or brown rice. You might be surprised at how much more quantity you can consume and weigh less when you eat foods that are close to just being harvested.

Try this lentil salad with your favorite whole grain.

Lentil Salad

1 Cup lentils

2 bay leaves

1” kombu sea vegetable

2 stalks celery, chopped

½ small red onion, chopped fine

2 large green onions, chopped

¼ cup parsley, chopped

small amount of lemon zest

1 large clove garlic, minced

¼ Cup olive oil

½ Cup apple cider vinegar (or brown rice vinegar)

¼ - ½ tsp. sea salt

1 heaping Tablespoon prepared mustard

Rinse the lentils and place in a pot with water to cover by 1 ½ inches. Add the kombu and bay leaves and bring to a boil. Turn down the heat to simmer and cover the pot. Cook for approximately 45 minutes. The lentils should still hold their shape and not be overly mushy. Remove the bay leaves and kombu and stir in the onions, celery and parsley. Place the lid back on the pot and allow to cool. Mix the remaining ingredients together in a bowl and allow the flavors to combine while the lentils cool and then add just enough dressing to the lentils for your own taste. Serve on your favorite greens.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Something to do with veggies from the Sea even a Foodie could enjoy

By definition I'm sure I'm not a Foodie. I have no idea what wine goes best with duck. In fact I've never cooked duck or wild game at all. Foodies are far more interested in what the latest and greatest restaurants are, what is the hip ingredient of the moment and where they can go and experience a gastronomic pleasure to make anyone in the Foodie world jealous or shy of saying they had not heard of that place before...

I'm more interested in what creates health or slashes it to pieces. Most people today know cigarettes are not good for them even though just a few decades ago they were chic. Most people don't want to look at their favorite packaged creations as equal to smoking but they just might be.

I predict that in the not too distant future we'll have a seaweed fad just like goji berries and magosteen juice had their moment. Seaweeds are extraordinary to create health, energy and weight loss. Since they are so foreign and often cooked miserably many chefs avoid them. I advise playing. Just put a small piece of Dulse on a soup or a salad or sprinkle some Nori around. Nori also dissolves well in salad dressings and Dulse can be toasted to give a dish a nice baconish flavor.

A trick to making a dish pop from ordinary to a tantalizing new taste can be as simple as that. Add mint and a touch of agave to a coleslaw or mix in a little seaweed too. For Hijiki and Arame that need cooking, they also need good seasoning. I have yet to find really terrific seaweed dishes in restaurants because most go far too light with the dressing or the sauce. Sea veggies have strong personalities and need a good dose of Tamari and sweetener for a teriaki type glaze or onions and curry to give them an Indian flair... Add a little to a quiche or mix into your stir fry.

They won't balance out eating your slice of cake, but with consistent use, you just might see your hair get fuller and shinier, your skin take on a luster or pounds fall off with ease. What could be better, an ocean of discovery that even a Foodie can enjoy.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Fat Moments

Sometimes people ask me if I was ever fat. "I've had fat moments." I explain. I had times when I was heavier, perhaps not more than 10-15 pounds overweight. Then there was a time when I was downright fat, plump and hated it. I tried diets. All sorts of diets. I tried supplements. Things that were now taken off the market as they were probably dangerous. Some of them were pills, some of them were little chocolate squares. I never did any of those things for long. I did cry a lot. I also wore overalls to hide my shame.

Then I met a woman who changed how I viewed the world. She taught me I could eat anything I wanted to and still be exactly the size and shape that I wanted to be. As my thoughts shifted so did my weight. I started to become more slender but I was still searching for the magic in my health. Then I discovered eating the whole foods type of diet I do now. It has been a process. A long process of trial and error. As soon as I switched my diet to one rich in whole foods and hardly any processed foods - voila, I shifted into Hollywood thin and stayed there ever since.

One of the keys to my success has been learning the differences even in whole foods. Some vegetables are more acid forming, some alkalizing. Acid forming foods tend to puff a body out. I still love my sweets. I eat less of them than I used to. I eat more fruit than cupcakes for sure. French toast and pancakes are reserved for the weekends and whole grain is the cereal most mornings...

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Great find

Did you see DailyCandy this morning? They have a knack for finding the coolest stuff. I loved the description today of how some of us find cooking to be so much fun and they equated that with we are the bunch who floss and work out regularily too. While I do find cooking to be fairly easy and enjoyable most of the time, I need inspiration. The site they boasted about today is full of it.

I love how the site looks with the beautiful pictures and the ease of use. Type in what you have in your fridge or a single ingredient to get ideas. While you will most likely need to modify recipes to suit yourself, it can spark imaginative minglings you might not have thought up before. It even seems to remember where you last were looking. Hmmmm are smart books in our future that know what we like even before we do?

Monday, August 8, 2011

Things they are a changing

Some big changes are in the works for and I want to let you know that soon the current books and Cd at
will no longer be available. Grab yours now with Lulu's 20% discount. Just use the code SINK305
Get paperback cookbooks to give to friends and family or use the success journal for the rest of 2011 and create some additional success for yourself before the end of the year.

The fall will melt into the holidays before you know it, so plan ahead and use the discount to buy books for gifts, party favors or just to have on your own shelf.

Equally, coaching services will become more exclusive so if you have been thinking of making some changes, now is the time to book a session. Love Your Body and Love Your Life begins as soon as you make the choice to take some action. I hope you begin today.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Intestinal troubles - there are are solutions

I'm watching my cookbooks sell faster than ever as they just are going up one by one for the Apple Ipad. What is interesting to me is the top seller. The one that more people are interested in is the Candida Clearing cookbook. Apparently more and more people are suffering from abdominal distress.

I remember how frustrating it was when I had Candida. Getting my flora completely back to normal made a world of difference in having a slender flat tummy, great energy and even thicker hair. Hair on the head is directly related to what is happening in your gut.

My experience was that diet alone really couldn't make a difference with clearing candida though. I had to figure out the best route with supplements. People came to me when their meds were not working and they wanted to throw up their hands and cry with despair but they always found relief if they kept experimenting with suggestions I had discovered. You have to persevere and get through the part that feels like there might not be an end. It's great to get some inspiration from a book or a class and there is nothing like the personal connection. Grab a friend or have a session with a coach to get support.

If you are working on intestinal healing, please get what you need to be completely clear. When you only partially right yourself you will still have to deal with mood swings, abdominal swelling from eating some foods, irregular bowel, emotional outbursts, etc. Doctors should not be shunned or overlooked as sometimes prescriptions will speed your healing process up and make it work that much better. Healing can be a concert of treatments.

Here is a little taste from the Candida Clearing Cookbook:

Curry Pockets

A fun way to eat veggies and packed with minerals thanks to the Arame. This makes a fun appetizer or addition to a meal.

3-4 green onions chopped

2-3 carrots cut into small matchsticks

6-7 Chinese cabbage leaves, chopped

1/2 C. Arame soaked for 5 minutes

Safflower or olive oil

Wheat free organic soy sauce

Ume vinegar

Curry powder

Cumin powder


Garam Masalah

Rice "paper" Spring roll wrappers

1 tsp. Kudzu (optional) dissolved in a small amount of water

Sauté the onion, carrot, cabbage and Arame in a Tablespoon or two of oil. Add a sprinkle of Ume vinegar and a sprinkle of soy sauce. Add the spices to your own taste. I prefer more curry powder and turmeric with less cumin and Garam Masalah. Adjust by tasting. (Guideline might be 1tsp. Turmeric, 1 tsp. Curry powder, 1/2 tsp. Garam Masalah and 1/2 tsp. Cumin powder) add a small amount of water to cook everything together well. To thicken the sauce add the kudzu and stir while adding.

Heat a large round pan with 2" of water in it. Let the water get hot but not boiling. One by one add the Spring roll wrappers to soften. As one is soft you can lay it on a plate or cutting board and fill with a little filling and than wrap the wrapper around the filling like folding an envelope to create each "pocket". A nice presentation is to line a plate with butter lettuce leaves and place the pockets on top. You might even eat with the lettuce wrapped around the outside as well. Enjoy!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Lose the false rules

I've watched a friend of mine struggle with her weight for 20 years. She says that she really would like to be thinner and sometimes she is. To shed some pounds she'll build up her mental reserves and start some diet or another until she can't keep it up and she goes back to her comfort zone. Not all at once but eventually she finds her way back to what feels normal to her.

That was until now. Now she finally heard me when I talked about the sigh. You know that sigh that happens when your stomach is filled with food. She also finally realized that my idea of supposed to's being silly, really did make some sense. We live with ideas all of the time on how things are supposed to be. I do like the collective agreement on time so that there is some order to life. We can agree to start things at a specific hour and all show up that way. Dessert on the other hand does not have to come at the end of a meal or even be a part of every single day.

This idea never went over very well before with her. She felt that breakfast should have certain items like orange juice and that dessert must come at the end of evening meal. Dinner just wouldn't be the same without it. She had her own rules about snacks or if different foods were good or bad. I have never agreed with all of her ideas and she has never embraced mine. Until she did. I recently saw her via google video chat and she was thinner than I ever remember her being. She gave up her rules. Her ideas that were having her consume foods because she deserved something or she needed energy or any number of false ideas that she liked to tell herself.

Creating new habits can be as easy as just dropping your rules and adopting ideas that serve you better. Take a look at what's ruling you. Is it true? Who made it up? If you want to keep it fine. If not, losing some inches could be as simple as letting go of your rules.