Sunday, July 24, 2011

Store Bought vs. Homemade

I'm all for convenience. Really. Eden organic canned beans get me through many a quick fix. Bob's Red Mill brown rice farina can't be beat in this heat. Just cook it up in 3 minutes. Coconut Bliss ice cream - I am so happy to grab a pint rather than even attempt to make my own. (Mint chip is my current favorite, in case you're wondering.)

Cookies have been a sore spot with me for a long time. I adore cookies. Always have. Unless one of these conscious companies starts making some, the best bet is to make your own. There used to be some with decent ingredients out there. Frookies originally had the Froo in their name because they sweetened their fun creations with fruit juice. Then they sold out to cane sugar. It's cheaper. Likewise, Health Valley had an amaranth graham cookie that was sweetened with rice syrup. Sadly they sold out too.

Of course homemade treats like cookies, cakes and pies are always going to be superior in quality than the boxed varieties. I even did my own comparison one Thanksgiving with pie crusts and the one I did completely form scratch won hands down over the two with almost the exact ingredients that came from the healthy grocery store's freezer.

I can't skimp on quality when it comes to ingredients. Cane sugar is evil to my system and I will avoid treats rather than suffer for the next couple of weeks, so homemade it is. When I have time I'll make a batch of something I'm in the mood for and then put the rest in the freezer. This works especially well with both cookies and cookie dough. Just be sure and use up what you made within 6 months or it can freezer burn and taste odd.

Do a search for some of my favorite treat recipes that are posted here on this blog. (If you are on the blog site there is a little search box to the right above my picture.) It's a great time for cold blueberry pie with chocolate/vanilla coconut bliss ice cream!

And K. thanks for following along - The man melted away with the heatwave not to be heard from again, but I'm sure there is something sweeter on the way.

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