Monday, July 18, 2011

Get Your Flat Belly For Real!

I have a wonderful surprise guest blogger for you tomorrow. I'm postponing her post for a day simply because I got all riled up reading 10 Flat-Belly Tricks on Yahoo this morning. Some of the advice is great. I love the person with the ball exercises. I just dislike the sub par info like eat whole grain products.

How many times can smart people with letters after their names get it wrong? Grain products will never give you the same benefits as eating the whole grain. My friend Lauren is living proof that the whole grains will make your belly flat while the grain products - well lets just say they can add to having a little pooch. Lauren is a slender, active, beautiful woman who just wanted a flat tummy. In one week of switching her breakfast from dry hard cereal to soft cooked millet or rice or quinoa, she got the flat stomach of her teens. Not kidding. I could get Lauren over here to tell you herself. (LG are you reading this?)
We both still eat some bread, cookies, cakes, etc. made with good ingredients. (well I really can't say for LG's treats, just my own...) but when you eat those things as a tiny little itty bitty part of the diet and the major part as whole foods - voila, slender hips, flat belly, great skin. Seriously. Just try it.

Then they talked about salt and again got it so wrong. There is a huge difference in salt. Recently I got yelled at for suggesting my friend let go of the giant red box of Kosher salt in favor of sea salt. He was right that I should not have said anything. He wasn't asking for my opinion. I really just wanted to help and even beyond that I was just trying to connect 'cuz I really like the guy. Instead I just pushed him farther away, so lesson learned - don't help the ones you love I guess just be the example. The only problem with that is if they have no idea how huge a difference little ingredients like that can be, they won't know to even experiment to see how they feel. You can get Kosher sea salt, by the way, and that might be the best of all. Sea salt is food for the body and other salts that have been stripped down to NaCl as purely as possible become nothing more than a constrictive flavoring agent. It's good for melting snow and ice but not so good for your cardiovascular system or your belly. (I wish I knew the magic food to melt the above mentioned man's heart...) There are so many sea salts and each is different as well. Once I found an Italian sea salt in a glass jar that I used for years and loved. Celtic sea salt is too heavy for me and I get cranky. The Pink sea salts are nice but I have not yet found one as good as that Italian one for my taste. I know chefs who swear by Maldon but again, I didn't like it as well.

Salt does make a difference because the stripped variety will help you retain water and fat and the sea salt that is a food for your body will help you stay slender and have that flat stomach you are looking for. It's just one component though so don't expect miracles unless you are willing to take on a few things. Whole grains and sea salt are a great start.

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