Thursday, July 7, 2011

Erase the obstacles - it works if you work it

Recently my friend shared his secret with me. It's not such a secret secret like the one the movie the Secret tried to make into something. He is focusing his thoughts on being happy because he realized how much life is wasted when he focuses on all of the lousy things happening around him. I think it was a recent post when I shared how I was assigning 5 minutes a day of feeling as happy as you can to my clients. I had a similar idea but I like his better. To keep re-focusing when you notice the negative creeping in. He called it a 30 days of happiness thing and I have to wonder if he was inspired to go back to it (he came up with the practice long before I ever met him.)because I shared a habit check sheet I give to clients? The sheet is a simple old fashioned tool to help you change a habit.

This particular friend has been having more success and probably more joy in his life from this practice because you get what you visualize and allow in. There just happens to be a lot of focus on what is bad, wrong and missing instead of what is good, fun and joyful in our society.

The fun thing about this is that it has great power to shift your life. At the very least you'll be having more fun. At the best, it will melt away the obstacles that have been keeping you stuck and living at the same uncomfortable level for a long time. Give it a try and if you would like a bigger boost, sign up for a session where you'll learn even more tools to blast through old patterns.

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