Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What's Cool

When the days are hot you need foods that cool you down. I made the mistake yesterday of eating chickpea croquettes that came with a sweet potato cold salad and even the mixed vegetables had winter squash of all things. It's the wrong season for all of that. They're all warming foods and I woke up feeling less than stellar. (I'm sensitive, I know...)

What's needed is to lower the temperature with foods that cool. Mint is an obvious one, as are lemon and lime. You've already heard my rant on roasted barley tea as being internal air conditioning. Turnips and broccoli are both cooling as are many cabbage family relatives. (Not kale, it's warming.) Scallops are cooling but most animal foods are warming. Probably why a nice big salad goes so well with steak. Salad and raw foods in general are cooling. The trick is to find balance and not go to extremes. I'm looking forward to a lunch with sea weed in it!

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