Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What are you watching?

Looking at my youtube page just now I am going to say that people want what is familiar. There is comfort in it. I say this because the carrot bisque that is so like tomato soup paired with a wonderful healthy sandwich something like a grilled cheese has outdone all of the other videos by a landslide.

I find this surprising especially when the water fried salad is so simple and quick to do and the video production is much better too. Plus it has been up longer. Nope, apparently when you go to you don't click on anything but the one with the most familiar sounding title.

Does that also mean when you go to the market you only take home the items that you eat over and over? What about mixing it up some? Take home an eggplant or turnips or something even more exotic like amaranth or kolrabi? Find a recipe for your new items or incorporate it with things you already know and love like putting some raw kolrabi into your favorite salad or eggplant stir fried with a sauce you already enjoy?

Play with what is unfamiliar and you'll make some new friends in the mix. Go get friendly with Daikon - there's even a video to get you started. Then let me know how it goes.

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