Thursday, June 30, 2011

Remembering The Mailbag - Have a Happy 4th

I'm excited about the long weekend. Today I get to coach and then it's sunshine, food and fun with friends. I decided to pull out some of the old mailbag we used to do at and post it here....remember you can always get your questions answered - just send 'em on in... Have a wonderful 4th of July everyone!!!

Dear Susan,

I'm eating Nori regularly, and can see and feel the difference it has made in my health -- but oh, have a hard time with the taste and texture!! Do you have any recommendations on ways to eat and enjoy Nori??



Hi Katey,

Thanks for writing and bringing up this question. Remember too that your tastes will often change over time from eating a more whole foods diet. When we have eaten a lot of packaged or restaurant foods that are usually filled with strong tastes we get acclimated to certain types of flavors. Sea vegetables are not yet prevalent in the U.S. but are quite common in many cultures from Asia through Europe. Nori is most commonly used in Japanese cuisine. If you have ever eaten a sushi roll, the green Paper like wrapper is Nori. It’s easy to make those types of sushi rolls at home and with all of the other ingredients you might not even notice Nori’s distinctive taste. You can slip a little nori flake into a salad dressing or sauce and you won’t notice it at all but still derive benefits of its high mineral content. I like to cut it up into slim strips and garnish a soup or top a salad. Just don’t go overboard with the amounts and I’m sure you will like it much better than simply munching on it out of the package.

Hi Susan,

Meeting you in person, your skin is so perfect. What do you use for a face wash. Thanks so much.


Redlands, CA

Hi Lynn,

Thanks for the compliment. As many of you know, I love love love the Lorac line of make-up and it’s the only make-up and lotion that I trust to make sure I don’t get breakouts. However until they start making a face wash, I was baffled as to what to do. I broke out from just about everything until I found MSM facial wash by Ultra Aesthetics at my local Co-op. The ingredients were excellent and my skin has improved a great deal since I started using it. Plus it’s only $10 and lasts a long time. I’m sure there are other good products out there but this is what I’m using right now.


I have been lower than usual in energy lately and eating out of control. Is this due to acidity? Thanks for your answer.


Studio City, CA

Hi Pia,

Low energy can be from so many factors that it’s very hard to even guess without talking with you further. Yes, absolutely, when someone is eating more acid forming foods in the body, energy can be sluggish. That’s one reason why people get on the coffee spin cycle. They are tired so they drink the coffee that then creates more tiredness inside by over stimulating the kidneys amongst other things and then with more acidity they feel more tired and look for more stimulants. When we are tired there can be more desire for food because it does give us a burst of energy as the blood sugar gets raised. The cravings could be a nutritional deficiency as well or if something emotionally is going on you might be driven to consume more. Since I have not seen you in quite a long time, you might like to schedule a single session for review and see if we can pinpoint things a bit better for you.


My daughter is now 4 and likes the healthier foods we’ve been incorporating. I’m just concerned as we are about to take a family vacation and I’m not sure what to bring for her to eat on the plane.


Green Bay

Hi Alice,

I’m so happy to hear that your daughter likes healthy foods! Most kids that start out that way have a big advantage throughout their lives. While they may stray at some point, they usually come back to what feels better in the body. My next newsletter in a couple of weeks will have more kid friendly ideas. For right now I suggest that you pack fun finger foods and don’t worry if she eats a complete meal all at once on the plane. She will let you know what she needs. Since airline travel is dehydrating and more contracting for all of us, be sure to pack some fresh fruit and those small boxes of juice that she can sip on without additives. I like to bring different sorts of roll ups but if she wants a favorite like peanut butter and jelly that packs well too. Celery and carrots are nice to chomp on and if you do bring roll ups try to bring one that has some greens in it. Watercress is especially re-hydrating and some kids like it if it is used with fun things like rolled up in nori and topped with shredded carrots. Chick peas, or peas from the pod can be fun eaten one by one and be careful with hard baked items because they can make for a cranky kid before too long.

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