Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Mix it up for healthy weight loss (or gain)

Quinoa has become fashionable in it's light fluffy way. One thing you won't see on the menu though is its generally warming for the body. In summer months I like to pair it with cooling vegetables such as mint and celery. It's high protein cousin Amaranth though is cooling. I love Amaranth as a breakfast cereal, popped up like popcorn for a crispy addition to a salad or allow it to cool and set like Millet for a very different type of polenta. Its an extraordinary food - full of energy and a brilliant amount of nutrition in this satisfying seed.

Explaining this to a woman I met, I realized that in some literature you will find that Amaranth is good for gaining weight. You would have to have a steady diet of it to make any significant inches. Instead it ought to be said that its terrific for building muscle which is more efficient that fat and helps keep you trim. Plus mixing up what is in your diet often has people eating less not more.

When bored with limited options, many people tend to overeat, even feel compelled to eat things that are less than stellar. If what you eat is satisfying then you won't want a bag of chips or go looking for more ice cream, cake or cookies.

Play with as many novel nutritious items as you can find. You'll be much happier with your waistline.

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