Wednesday, June 29, 2011

If Everything Counts - How Much is Enough?

Are you an all or nothing type or a Dabbler? Do you start things and then stop or see them through to the end? Do you experiment or only do what is tried, true and scientifically proven over and over again?

Fear is a good motivator to get someone to eat well. Many people find out about whole foods when they have a health crisis. The bigger the crisis the easier it is to follow directions. Lots of people have trouble following directions. The only problem with that is if you want to get from New York to Boston and there is only one good road, it you don't take it, then the trip might take a very very long time. Same thing with food and healing.

When dealing with clearing a health issue it's good to be more strict about what you eat since it can facilitate or hinder your goals. After you are in fairly good balance or if you started out without a health issue, there is no reason to eat with narrow restrictions.

There is a balance between the idea that everything you put into your mouth will go into your blood and create a reaction so choose wisely and a free for all. The everything counts idea. Sure, everything does count but how much can you handle and what makes you happy. Happiness ought to have a big part of what you eat. Enjoyment and pleasure go a long way with healing. In fact one of the biggest factors to how a food matabolizes is what you believe about that food. I've read many scientific studies that prove this idea where it is the belief about the food that matters almost more than anything in how it will effect you. Then there is basic chemistry too. Of course if you are sensitive or run down, you must be more careful. When you are in good health there is no reason to push the limits and see how much you can take. Wide eating usually is more of a enjoy yourself within reason type of thing....

You'll know when you've gone overboard and can adjust your course. That's part of what remedies are for. Sure everything counts but by all means learn how foods work so you can create balance and go have fun!

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