Monday, June 20, 2011

How Do You Feel Today?

How do you want to feel today? Emotionally? Physically? If you don't decide often life will take you down a stream where you float along and you might see a daisy and smile or the water might splash you and you frown. Floating along is what most people do. They get up and grab a coffee and think it is getting their day going. They might not want to see that that coffee is affecting their mood, it's draining their energy at a basic level and it might not be the best way to start the day. Equally they choose their food by taste or the high of enjoyment rather than how it will affect them. Like using a credit card that they can't pay off, they keep digging themselves deeper with the enjoy now and pay later scenario but the price with your physical body is high.

To make changes takes willingness. I like to try things and experiment and that willingness to keep going to see if the experiment will work has been what has turned my health from debilitating to extraordinary. I used to have moods so enormous they took me over. I could cry at the drop of a hat or get my feelings bruised at the slightest disapproval. It was hard to be happy under the weight of so many feelings constantly swirling through my veins and of course the constant pains in my body.

Trying diets or systems without the knowledge of how things really work is so haphazard that very few really get lasting or effective results. It wasn't until I really allowed myself to stick with whole foods, to learn how they worked that I finally got free. Free of physical problems, free of mood swings, free of monthly cramps or crying fits, free of feeling like I was fighting through a fog or low energy so much of the time. Life literally got a lift from just changing my diet. My process was slow as I learned from books, went to seminars and sought out teachers. I'm happy I can make the process much much shorter for you.

You can feel terrific - you just have to know how. When you get up you can decide how you want to feel and make choices accordingly. Decide to be happy. Decide to try on the foods and know how you will feel hours or days later before you eat them. Decide how much you want to get done and it will often happen. Choose deliberately even if sometimes it is your choice to enjoy floating.

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