Monday, June 13, 2011

The Healing Truth

Blockages usually create problems. A block in your plumbing - be it the toilet or your own bowel will back things up and create a mess. A block in the emotional body is often behind many physical symptoms.

Foods can address symptoms. Eggplant can stop internal bleeding, be it a bleeding ulcer or heavy menstrual flow. Daikon rubbed on the skin can stop an itch. Grated apple can clear a fever. There is one benefit after another from the garden. The power of foods though can only go so far and then the emotional component must be addressed.

I have a friend who started out becoming a doctor of Chinese medicine. He learned to release blockages using tiny needles and sometimes using herbs. It took people coming back again and again to maintain their health. One day he sat with a patient who needed to talk. She talked and talked and he just listened. After an hour of her talking he finally gave her a treatment. She healed. He gradually went on to give up his practice and started to do workshops instead where he facilitated people to let go of their emotional blocks to have healing and better lives. It became very successful for him.

I too see that coaching sessions get the biggest results when we add in letting go of what's causing the blocks. It's magical to witness as extra weight falls away and happiness rushes in. There are so many roads to the letting go. You might write every day in a journal, you might like traditional therapy, you might read a book or go to a seminar that triggers you into letting go or grab a coaching session put food tools and emotional tools working for you together right now.

Summer is a terrific time to get free!

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