Monday, May 16, 2011

Yes you can have ice cream!

Quality counts. Remember that old adage, quality not quantity. In America that seems to have gotten all turned around but when you have something of quality it is satisfying and you don't need quantity.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to visit Stogo's ice cream shop in NYC and it is the dairy free, sugar free answer to Baskin Robbins. Unlike the soy or coconut water based versions you might find at a Whole Foods freezer case, these are pure, without additives or preservatives or fillers of any kind and the difference is they feel better and taste cleaner. Okay and you can get to try all sorts of flavors that you won't find in the stores too.

Now if you don't live in Manhattan but want clean satisfying frozen treats at home here is a recipe that takes minimal time to make and all you really need is a blender. Try as many flavors as you can think up. Summer is on it's way.

Sugar Free Raspberry Sorbet

2 packages organic frozen raspberries

1 C. plain amasake

1/2 C. Agave syrup

2 T. agar flakes

1T. Vanilla

Orange zest (optional)

Defrost the berries by placing the bags in the refrigerator overnight or leaving on the counter for a couple of hours. Juice the raspberries to remove the seeds. In a saucepan heat the amasake with the agar until the agar is dissolved. (3-5minutes) Place all ingredients in a blender and blend. Transfer to a freezer proof container and freeze overnight. Process in a food processor until smooth and then re-freeze for 6-8hrs before serving.

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