Sunday, May 29, 2011

What is Healthy?

Suffering isn't healthy and people come to me with all sorts of complaints. Extra weight, gout, fungus, cancer, diabetes, fatigue, blotchy skin, arthritis, brittle nails, itches, bruises and a host of things that just won't go away. Most want an answer that is simple. Almost all sit down and tell me they eat healthy.

I've looked at so many diet records where I can see someone is clearly trying to be "good". Salads, turkey sandwiches, special K, just the occasional ice cream, and they proudly tell me they don't eat red meat. I refrain from laughing. Their version of healthy, depending on body type, activity levels, personal history and attitude, is often creating more problems such as cravings or hanging onto extra pounds.

Food is just one component of health. Attitude is the biggest factor. It will determine where your energy flows. Your thoughts and emotions however are hugely affected by what you consume. Your chemistry will push and pull on your thoughts so that a very nice person could seem harsh or cranky when they eat in ways effecting their liver or blocking their kidneys.

The ironic thing about food is that everyone seems to want to justify what they eat and be okay with it, even when it is hurting them. You have to decide how you want to look and feel inside your own skin and be happy with that. Different people will be heartier and be able to indulge more without seeing the effects. Most will try to ignore the consequences of what they enjoy.

Like little kids, I've watched adults of all ages try to justify their coffee, ice cream, chocolate and anything else they want to hang onto like Linus and his blanket. They are not willing to see what life would be like without it. That's okay too. You get to choose. Every food will have its benefits and its detriments. What kind of life would you like to be living. You can be freer, healthier, happier and more alive but that takes doing things a little differently.

For myself I am amazed how the longer and deeper I go inside of living healthier - the levels of feeling terrific go higher and higher. I still enjoy red meat and chocolate and coconut bliss ice cream or a turkey sandwich. I just keep balance in perspective and practice how my energy flows.

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