Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Shedding For the Wedding

It's just about June and wedding season has swept in with a fury. Men and women both have been lamenting to me about the extra pounds they have gained since seeing the faces they are about to expose themselves to, and no one seems happy about it.

Firstly you have to remember not to expect to lose 20 years of weight gain in one week before the big event. You could drop a size in that time, and it might be a good moment to hop on the healthy eating horse that you can continue long after you've spilled champagne and cake on the new dress with matching shoes.

Secondly, if you go in being the best version of yourself, who cares about the weight. People who love you, love who you are. It's your personality they want to be around and the size of your midsection shouldn't matter. If you do happen to meet that guy who says something, like a first date I had, where he was telling me I ought to work-out my triceps since I'm getting older - please get up and find better company. Don't listen!

Your body is your business and if someone doesn't like what you have, they don't have to wear it. Feeling terrific in your own skin no matter what size, will help you to shed those unwanted pounds all that much faster. Your body listens. If you constantly worry about certain areas and just keep checking to see if they are there, you can guarantee they'll probably keep bothering you. If you stop looking, and focus on healthy new habits, start eating a larger quantity of vegetables and whole foods and get a little more exercise, you will most likely start melting into being inside a body you love.

It takes practice and commitment to achieve anything, and maybe these weddings are a good enough inducement to get you on track to where you want to be with your food. Stay inspired and stay happy and have fun at the weddings.

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