Monday, May 2, 2011

Exciting Excellence

It's Monday morning and I just saw an incredible video that my teacher posted. It was two young men doing their own acrobatic dance and it was wonderful. They had committed themselves to achieving things with their bodies that most of us might only dream about. That level of excellence is exciting to watch.

It's exciting to watch in your own life as well when you are committed to something. The level of fluidity that I saw in the dancers is the same fluidity of anyone who practices and doesn't allow themselves to say "Oh F___ it." when it comes to the quality they want. You practice. A dancer has a daily practice to keep their muscles strong and flexible. I have a practice with food that keeps me healthy, slender and happy. It took me a long time to figure out what works. That's the part I can short cut for others. The part I can't do for anyone else is the selection and eating that they must do.

I had a client ask me this week if I would just do it all for her. She wanted to be like a child still living with a parent who will shop and cook and clean up after her. I realized the only way she will solve her weight problem for good, is if she gets that she is strong and capable and flexible. She must do the thing that she doesn't want to do in order for it to become easy and effortless down the road.

We are all practicing something. She's smart to get some coaching because I'm literally just keeping her in the practice until she can do it herself without thinking. I'm giving her tools to make it easier such as choices to solve her blood sugar instability. Her physiology was creating strong cravings and making it more difficult to enjoy healthier foods. In just a couple of weeks, that will slow down and as her body heals and she is introduced to a wider array of choices out there...

There is a drink I told her about you can make with sweet vegetables. It's just carrots, onions, cabbage and winter squash (or daikon) chopped up with 3-4 times the amount of water than veggies added to a pot and simmered for 20 minutes with no lid. Drinking the broth a couple of times per day can start to soothe a clamped up pancreas and eliminate cravings. It's not a substitute for eating well but it can kick start the results and make it more fun to keep committed when she sees how quickly she can feel better.

With summer around the corner now, it's a great moment to decide what you might like to achieve in the next few months and what it is you are going to practice? Pick one area of life to focus some attention on. Your physical body, your relationships, some aspect of your work that you would like to be different and begin practicing something towards those goals. A tennis player doesn't become a champion over night, they practice even when they don't want to and find the joy of the game again and again even after moments of wanting to quit. Stay committed and see yourself rise to a whole new level of life. It's exciting.

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