Monday, May 9, 2011

Cook Yourself Well

You might think that after 20+ years of this food stuff I would not get so amazed by the power of eating plants to create healing anymore. Nope, I'm still in awe. Yesterday I was experiencing allergies where my eyes were burning and my nose just would not stop running and I felt like there was bit of fog in my head that just wouldn't clear. Nothing was working. I tried several different homeopathic remedies, I tried herbs and I was starting to think I had better get to an MD and get some hard core drug. I have been eating cleanly so how could I be suffering so?

Sunday is not the best day to be sick especially a Sunday that is also a holiday. Allergies are not an emergency even if might feel like it is. I got an idea that I would make a medicinal stew and see if it helped at all. I went to a Japanese market and got burdock, daikon, lotus and some kabocha squash just for comfort. I made an aduki bean stew and figured if nothing else the daikon, burdock and lotus might clear some of the runny nose. Thankfully the dish tasted great, because I made a lot of it. I felt pretty good after eating it and in just a couple of hours I noticed a huge difference. I slept well and woke up feeling great with only the slightest touch of what I had going on yesterday. It's incredible. I had spent so much money on supplements and all I really needed was to cook myself well.

Learn the properties of food. You have a lot of power in your kitchen!


Adrienne said...

Post the recipe. That soup sounds good and if it cures allergies, I want some!

Susan Marque said...

Adrienne, it wasn't even a soup. I literally just cooked the aduki beans from scratch and added in lotus, burdock, daikon, and kabocha squash, simmering it all together until the beans were cooked through. (Of course there was a piece of kombu in there.) I added a little tamari when the beans were soft. You could easily turn it into a soup with some sauteed veggies added and a lot more water. Or you could just eat more lotus and burdock because I am guessing that is what cleared my symptoms so quickly.