Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lose Weight and Gain Energy With This Ancient Tool

As many of you already know, my friend Layla had me start using the 5 Tibetan rites many years ago. I had irregular menstruation. I only got my period a few times a year and that had always been the case from the time it started. I figured it was my normal. Layla, and every health and body worker who knew me, thought otherwise. They saw it as a sign of something wrong. They were correct.

Our endocrine system regulates the different hormones in our bodies. Often aging can cause us to produce less of certain hormones creating different conditions in the body. Many people think that because they have turned a certain age that weight is harder to keep off or hair just thins and you start to dry up. It doesn't have to be the case.

The five Tibetan rites are incredible. They are so simple to do and yet can help you get things working well again that you might not have even noticed had slowed down. I've seen women let go of thyroid medications, people become more limber and energized and many many people report weight loss.

They are something you can do that has no cost, only takes a few minutes a day and are easy. Drop your excuses and see what they do for you. There are so many resources to help that I looked for a link that included the breathing because that is an important component to them. You need not worry about doing them perfectly because I've seen results with people who could barely do them at first. Just getting yourself to make them a habit seems to be the best medicine.

Here's a link that might help get you started. Get your hormones happy and see what falls into place for you.

Oh, if you were wondering about my cycle. It didn't take long and ever since learning and doing the rites I'm regular and right on time each month. If I stop doing them, I get irregular again.

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