Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Film Power

We all know the power of a film to move us or educate us and entertain us. Sometimes it's that last bit that is more healing than anything. I've been working pretty hard over here this week on top of relocating once again to a different apartment. I got an email of a screening that was happening. An old film called "Smashing Time". I knew nothing about the movie, I just knew that not thinking for a couple of hours would feel like a vacation so I went.

Simon Doonan spoke about why he chose the film from his youth. Growing up in a tiny town and getting himself to London with his best friend, he related to it and loved it. What's not to love even 40 years later. The film has a few Chaplinesque bits that carry on perhaps longer than need be, but mostly it takes you on a fun little jaunt.

I woke up happier and ready to tackle the mound of work ahead of me today. Being happier you can make better choices and be more resourceful. While food is functionally fantastic, there is nothing like the occasional quick escape. Do something you have not done in a while. Eat your lunch in the park or get a massage or go shoot guns at a range. Something that is different for you, a treat other than food, and you will feel it's fuel too.

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Dawn Smith said...

So well said, Susan! I love how you make all selections anyone would make in their food choices in a context of pure joy and how all that you say carries an air of delight. How you have such a way of taking the fearful precaution off of our food choices let's us grip less and open to more options actually. That may sound crazy, but you truly are the best food "guru"! Thanks for all your contributory knowledge on healthy eating you freely give to all of us.