Thursday, April 28, 2011

Don't Go Pickin' on Pollan

Michael, not the pollen that is currently making my eyes water and giving me spasms of uncontrollable sneezing, (homeopathics to the rescue...) was recently attacked in the news by Louise O. Fresco and I find her argument simply lacking. This extremely educated women is perhaps jealous of Micheal Pollan's wide appeal and his helping millions to reach out and eat more veggies and whole grains.

Her argument states that he needs to be thinking bigger and we need to do something to feel the millions of hungry people out there who might not be getting enough energy period. She forgets that he was writing and suggesting that eating less can be more, to a population that is widely overfed in calories. He wasn't speaking to nations that are starving, but if she is, and wants to do something about it, attacking a man who is doing so much good for so many, hardly seems the way. We currently have enough food to feed the world if distribution of what there is was handled differently. Why then does the suggestion of producing more food keep coming up instead of just getting the goods to those who need them? Producing more won't necessarily solve the problem of starvation and could create new problems as well.

Perhaps Ms. Fresco is trying to attach her name to a food star to make herself look good and get attention to what she is interested in. There might be a better way to achieve her goals with collaboration instead of alienation. I'm rather surprised that someone with her credentials took her few points of attack out of context and tried to pin her problems with Pollan on such things as his tongue and cheek advice to see if your grandma would eat it. Or maybe his grandma as some current grandmas might have been raised on microwave popcorn and pop tarts as much as younger generations.

I doubt he thinks that every person out there is going to drop their Dorito's and grab an ear of freshly husked organic steamed corn on the cob instead. We have a lot of choices to make with our food. Michael Pollan is encouraging people to make healthy choices. By voting with your dollars for real food and not super processed food stuffs you do make a difference in both your own well being as well as telling food companies where to put their energy. If they can make a profit from crap, they'll keep making it and selling it. They're not that interested in your health and well being. If their profits go down they will look for another way to stay alive and that might be making different products for you to enjoy or they might go looking into how to feed other countries. We are all part of the food chain in some respect. Micheal Pollan is a wonderful writer and contributes a lot. I would much rather feast on his words than hers.

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