Thursday, April 28, 2011

Don't Go Pickin' on Pollan

Michael, not the pollen that is currently making my eyes water and giving me spasms of uncontrollable sneezing, (homeopathics to the rescue...) was recently attacked in the news by Louise O. Fresco and I find her argument simply lacking. This extremely educated women is perhaps jealous of Micheal Pollan's wide appeal and his helping millions to reach out and eat more veggies and whole grains.

Her argument states that he needs to be thinking bigger and we need to do something to feel the millions of hungry people out there who might not be getting enough energy period. She forgets that he was writing and suggesting that eating less can be more, to a population that is widely overfed in calories. He wasn't speaking to nations that are starving, but if she is, and wants to do something about it, attacking a man who is doing so much good for so many, hardly seems the way. We currently have enough food to feed the world if distribution of what there is was handled differently. Why then does the suggestion of producing more food keep coming up instead of just getting the goods to those who need them? Producing more won't necessarily solve the problem of starvation and could create new problems as well.

Perhaps Ms. Fresco is trying to attach her name to a food star to make herself look good and get attention to what she is interested in. There might be a better way to achieve her goals with collaboration instead of alienation. I'm rather surprised that someone with her credentials took her few points of attack out of context and tried to pin her problems with Pollan on such things as his tongue and cheek advice to see if your grandma would eat it. Or maybe his grandma as some current grandmas might have been raised on microwave popcorn and pop tarts as much as younger generations.

I doubt he thinks that every person out there is going to drop their Dorito's and grab an ear of freshly husked organic steamed corn on the cob instead. We have a lot of choices to make with our food. Michael Pollan is encouraging people to make healthy choices. By voting with your dollars for real food and not super processed food stuffs you do make a difference in both your own well being as well as telling food companies where to put their energy. If they can make a profit from crap, they'll keep making it and selling it. They're not that interested in your health and well being. If their profits go down they will look for another way to stay alive and that might be making different products for you to enjoy or they might go looking into how to feed other countries. We are all part of the food chain in some respect. Micheal Pollan is a wonderful writer and contributes a lot. I would much rather feast on his words than hers.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

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Happy Easter/Passover Everyone!!

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Breakfast Ready - so much to choose from

Breakfast is one of those meals that baffles many people. I am often asked what to eat for that first meal of the day. I put together a book of breakfast recipes ( and could easily do another one. It's probably my favorite meal of all. I adore pancakes, waffles, scrambles and cereals. I love fruit toppings and crunchy seed sprinkles. Tofu lends itself quite nicely to french toast or a benedict if you want to keep things sans oeufs.

I am not someone who eats just fruit in the morning or has miso soup with cereal. Both of those widespread practices leave me eating more for the rest of the day. Most mornings I enjoy a warm bowl of creamy quinoa with apples and cinnamon or millet with compote and a sunflower crunch or silky rice cream or teff. Shakes, smoothies, or the milks made of grains, soy or nuts are something I only use for special occasions as they are going to bring on the mucous and fatigue, and that is not something I need in my day.

Everyone is different, there are different body types and different needs. Get to know yours by learning how individual foods work differently with longer leaner people (more yin) vs. stockier, stouter types (more yang) and how you can start eating to create just the body you would like to have looking back at you in the mirror.

Pancakes Like You Remember!

The Ume Vinegar adds just a touch of sourness to simulate buttermilk and aid in the lightness. Any Flour may be substituted, but Pastry Flour will give you the lightest pancakes. Enjoy!

1 C. Vanilla Soy or Rice Milk

1 tsp. Ume Vinegar

1 Tbs. Oil

1 C. Whole Wheat Pastry Flour

1/4 tsp. Sea Salt

2 tsp. Baking Powder

Heat the Oil in a small sauce pan. Transfer to a heatproof bowl and quickly whisk in the soy milk. Combine the dry ingredients in a bowl. Stir in the wet ingredients and mix until Batter is just moistened and still a bit lumpy. Cook like standard pancakes using Oil on your skillet or grill

Monday, April 18, 2011

What's In Your Way?

Frequently people come to me for exactly what I have gone to get coaching for myself. We can't see what it is that is stopping us from having life be what we know would be more fun, and better in so many ways. We know there is a solution to the problems we face. The weight issues, the health matters, the relationships...

What do you make up that you have used as an excuse so often you think it is real? Money? Time? Kids? Husbands/Wives/Family? What is real is your thinking. Your thinking is creating your choices and if that changes, everything can change with it. If you are committed to thinking differently then you will want to take different actions.

Here's an example: Joan came to me wanting to lose weight. She was frightened and didn't want to spend too much on sessions so we started with one. She liked it so much and felt so much better that she up-graded herself to four. What we got her to realize was how she was holding onto thinking things ought to be a certain way. The way they had been all her life. She was imbued with ideas that were keeping her eating certain amounts and spending in certain ways. She realized that she was a hoarder. She hoarded the little she had thinking that getting more would be difficult. It stemmed from having two big brothers who were not shy at grabbing what they wanted. She always felt like she was getting the leftovers. (And she got a life like that.)

It was a stretch for her to put her sessions on a credit card. She knew that she could pay off the amount but it wasn't comfortable. Even paying her monthly rent and utilities was never comfortable. She waited until the very last minute when things were due, because she never wanted to pay them. That first week after her session she sold some of her crafts online that had not sold much at all. She got more than enough to pay for her sessions. She also tried a few of the foods I suggested and lost some weight. She was so delighted with her results each week that she quit.

This too is something I have experienced. I worked with one of my coaches on and off for years because I didn't stay put and take her coaching fully, or stay long enough to let it sink in so I didn't get what I wanted from her and I jumped ship and tried something else. Then I realized how valuable she had been. Joan came back a year later and again had miraculous results with a few sessions and quit.

Each time she told herself that she didn't want to spend the money or take the time to do the work I was suggesting because it was causing her fear to come up. Her fears about having what she wanted, and her fears of not enough were bigger than her desire to really go for her dreams.

So what is it that you put in your way? Do you use the money excuse or the time excuse? Do you wait for someone to approve of your new life? What are you willing to do today to jump in and have it? Are you ready to be someone who doesn't have to live in a box where everyone else can see the ingredients list and instructions except you? Take some action right now towards your dreams.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lose Weight and Gain Energy With This Ancient Tool

As many of you already know, my friend Layla had me start using the 5 Tibetan rites many years ago. I had irregular menstruation. I only got my period a few times a year and that had always been the case from the time it started. I figured it was my normal. Layla, and every health and body worker who knew me, thought otherwise. They saw it as a sign of something wrong. They were correct.

Our endocrine system regulates the different hormones in our bodies. Often aging can cause us to produce less of certain hormones creating different conditions in the body. Many people think that because they have turned a certain age that weight is harder to keep off or hair just thins and you start to dry up. It doesn't have to be the case.

The five Tibetan rites are incredible. They are so simple to do and yet can help you get things working well again that you might not have even noticed had slowed down. I've seen women let go of thyroid medications, people become more limber and energized and many many people report weight loss.

They are something you can do that has no cost, only takes a few minutes a day and are easy. Drop your excuses and see what they do for you. There are so many resources to help that I looked for a link that included the breathing because that is an important component to them. You need not worry about doing them perfectly because I've seen results with people who could barely do them at first. Just getting yourself to make them a habit seems to be the best medicine.

Here's a link that might help get you started. Get your hormones happy and see what falls into place for you.

Oh, if you were wondering about my cycle. It didn't take long and ever since learning and doing the rites I'm regular and right on time each month. If I stop doing them, I get irregular again.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

From The Archives

Every now and again I pull out the old newsletters I wrote for years and reprint bits of them here. Today's selection is from April 2007. Obviously it's dated - I'm in New York now and I didn't update the writing - I left it as it was but I thought you might enjoy looking at these sections I used to send out each month...

Tip of the Month – Spring Freedom

Ahhhh, freedom. It feels Divine. It looks good on you too. You can’t help but look fantastic when the worries fall away, your body is light, healthy and filled with scrumptious, tingly, energy. Freedom feels great. Restrictions, confinement or entrapment do not. How do you want to look and feel right now? How would you like your life to be? Where do you currently complain, even if it is only in your own mind? You can have freedom, if you are willing, in every area of your life. Sometimes the willingness feels like a great big leap. We make up excuses to stay where we are because it is just easier!

I learned the excuses of “not enough money”, “no time”, “I’m not good enough”, etc. I learned them so well, it’s a wonder I’ve ever left my apartment. It takes a lot of courage to change. It takes courage to step into new situations, places and things. It takes courage to be happy and free, but it is so worth the effort to get there. Getting support makes it easier, having a guide is essential. It’s hard to get to a new place without a map of some sort. I love maps. I’m entirely grateful that the pilot of the plane I’m riding on has one. Without a map, it could take a whole lot longer to get where I’m going.

In Los Angeles we have a thick book of maps called the Thomas Guide that are now being replaced with GPS systems. A computerized driving coach that helps you get from

point A to B. I’ve had some pretty fantastic and very much alive, guides in my life. I am very happy to be able to be a guide for many. Now it’s time for you to pick your destination. How much freedom would you like right now in your life? Where would you like to be in let’s say 3 months? How about 3 weeks from now, what would you like to be different than it is today? Grab a good guide, set up your map, and begin your journey to a life you love living. Join me in the delicious process of being free this spring and this summer we will soar over many seas!


Free For All Chopped Salad

I just mixed together the leftover bits of vegetables in this colorful chopped salad. Feel free to create you own.

Equal amounts of:




A little less of Red onion

and some fresh dill

A few leaves of Chinese cabbage

Simply chop all the vegetables rather small. Place about 1/4 -1/2 inch of water in a pan. Bring to a boil and add all the ingredients. Simmer until the water has all evaporated.

Add your favorite dressing and some avocado if you like.

Sweet Brussels Sprout Salad

This salad is good hot or cold. I love it next to a sandwich for lunch.

10-12 large Brussels sprouts, trimmed and sliced in half

1 small white onion, chopped

2-3 small carrots, chopped

2-3 T. flat leaf parsley, chopped

Rice Bran oil

Rice vinegar


Sea salt

Place a small amount of oil in the bottom of a pot. Sauté the onions for several minutes and then add the carrots. Sprinkle in a pinch of sea salt and stir. Add about 1/2” of good quality water to the pot and the Brussels sprouts. Sprinkle in a little rice vinegar and a few splashes of mirin. Place a lid on the pot and bring to a boil. Turn the heat down and allow to simmer for 10 minutes or until the Brussels sprouts are tender. Simmer the rest of the liquid away with no lid by turning the heat up some if you wish. Stir in the parsley and serve.

Story Time (names are changed, stories are true)

Jackie wanted some freedom in her life, her health, her body, and she wanted it all right now. She was very clear with me. She didn’t want to spend much money, she didn’t want to cook and above all, she didn’t want anything to take too much time. I smiled. Her list was going to keep her stuck if she didn’t get free first from her own thinking.

I asked her how important it was for her to have her body be the way she wanted it to be, how important is was for her to create stronger health and how important was it for her to have her life start being as she wanted it to be as soon as she could have it. She explained that each was supremely important to her. So then I asked her what she might be willing to do to have those things. Would she be willing to spend a little more money, since she wouldn’t be spending it later on for doctors and medications even over the counter items? She would be able to have soaring energy and focus that would help her achieve her financial goals and she would also start looking great in the process, but she also needed to be willing to invest her time and effort. Even a small amount of cooking just might make it all happen that much easier and faster but she had to be willing.

She looked scared and then as she thought about what I had just said, she got a big smile on her face and said, “You know what?, I think I really am willing. I wasn’t before. I was sure you were
just going to give me another diet that wouldn’t work, but now I can see that you are different.” From that moment on, Jackie got committed to her own life and used our coaching sessions to keep her on course. She learned to cook enough of her food herself that she now feels empowered in her kitchen and knows that even if she chooses to eat out many meals, she could always go home and make something satisfying too. She has more choices. Her weight shifted right from the start since she lifted off her stuck mindset. Jackie is happy and thriving now and feels so proud that she created this freedom.

Fun Food Facts – Radical Freedom

Antioxidants help combat free radicals and even slow down the aging process. According to the USDA in 2004, here are the top 11. Toss a few berries in your morning cereal or beans in a salad to get a little extra boost. Eating a whole food based diet you will definitely be getting plenty of what you need.

1. Small Red Beans

2. Wild Blueberry

3.Red kidney bean

4.pinto bean

5. Blueberry (cultivated)

6. Cranberry

7. Artichoke (cooked)

8. Blackberry

9. Prune

10. Raspberry

11. Strawberry

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Film Power

We all know the power of a film to move us or educate us and entertain us. Sometimes it's that last bit that is more healing than anything. I've been working pretty hard over here this week on top of relocating once again to a different apartment. I got an email of a screening that was happening. An old film called "Smashing Time". I knew nothing about the movie, I just knew that not thinking for a couple of hours would feel like a vacation so I went.

Simon Doonan spoke about why he chose the film from his youth. Growing up in a tiny town and getting himself to London with his best friend, he related to it and loved it. What's not to love even 40 years later. The film has a few Chaplinesque bits that carry on perhaps longer than need be, but mostly it takes you on a fun little jaunt.

I woke up happier and ready to tackle the mound of work ahead of me today. Being happier you can make better choices and be more resourceful. While food is functionally fantastic, there is nothing like the occasional quick escape. Do something you have not done in a while. Eat your lunch in the park or get a massage or go shoot guns at a range. Something that is different for you, a treat other than food, and you will feel it's fuel too.