Thursday, March 17, 2011

The O2 cure for all

I just saw an add for a product that is supposed to increase cellular O2 levels. They make some hefty health claims for the product that are absolutely true. You can clear most any pathogen in your body with increased oxygen.

What are some fast, simple and less costly ways to do that??
1. Eat well
2. Get some exercise where you breath deeper/learn to breath more.

These two things will not just make you healthier but you'll be trim, sexy, more alive and better looking than ever. Forget the botox or prozac, zoloft, etc.

Eating well means different things to different people. When I say eating well I mean very very clean, simple, whole foods and no dairy or cane sugar. Both of those just create gunk, cloggging and less O2 in your system.

Another thing to watch out for is taking too many supplements. It's interesting that we want to take pills instead of eat the foods that have the nutrients in them. You will never have the same quality of life from pills and potions. Supplements are just that, supplemental and useful but too many will often create negative effects and zap what you are attempting to do for yourself.

Of course life is not meant to be stark and drab and so your regime ought to include the indulgences you enjoy within reason. Does that mean you must run out and get this O2 product to compensate. Probably not.... Be smart with what you choose to consume, get some exercise and breathe!

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