Sunday, March 20, 2011

Expect Less - Have More!

This morning I decided to go enjoy breakfast that someone else had made. I walked to the Union Square Whole Foods and took 2 scoops of creamy organic steel cut oats with fresh fruit from the hot bar, and headed upstairs to get a genmai tea. Between perfectly sweet bites, I noticed the other people sitting up on the bar stools near the large windows where I was eating. One robust woman was eating pizza from her brown cardboard container and something that looked like scrambled eggs from another. A man and a woman were breaking off large chunks of baguette to eat with bacon, eggs and yogurt. Someone else had a muffin with cottage cheese. I noticed, as they seemed to work at their eating like a job they wanted to complete in a hurry. Savorings were short, as was time between bites. I would guess this is a pretty typical way to eat in America.

The trick to being slender could simply be to slow down, enjoy less quantity more than you might have ever thought possible. Take small bites and chew them well. Play with the food. Notice it like a two year old who has a wonderful cookie in front of them. They make it last a long long time. For most of these people I observed this morning, they would have found themselves satisfied sooner and could consume far less calories than what they might consider normal.

If your normal is keeping you heavier than what you want to be, change normal. There is no paradox in France. The sauces might be rich but the quantity eaten is small and the enjoyment high. Luxury living is having the time to enjoy what your money can buy you. Did you ever notice that Willie Wonka was slender despite owning the most marvelous chocolate factory? He didn’t need to be a glutton, he knew that he could enjoy small amounts of sweets and remain feeling good. Too much could cause disasters.

Far too many people expect that they are entitled to eat large amounts but wonder how they then can look like a super model. For most people, they won’t be able to do enough exercise to stay slender when taking in enough calories to feed a baby elephant. Far too many people are now starting to resemble those elephants. Starvation is not pretty either but the benefits of eating less to point, are substantial. You get to have more energy, stay looking younger, remain healthier while you look good in shorts.

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