Friday, March 25, 2011

BioFeedback yourself slimmer

I was reminded yesterday of how much I used to enjoy The Journey to Wild Divine. I saw it many years ago at a trade event and just had to have it. It still holds up as a wonderful experience and teaching tool for meditation, relaxation and having fun. I've read somewhere that 20 minutes of meditation is like getting hours of sleep. Sleep is well documented to be one terrific thing to stay slender. Without adequate rest you'll be more apt to snack or overeat.

A couple of nights ago I was listening to a panel at an event on the future of ebooks. I did not realize how online games like World of Warcraft were billion dollar industries with over 11 million users who play more than 20 hours a week. It would be terrific if there were more games out there like Wild Divine's where users could connect and learn. (If any of you game developers out there are interested, I have ideas....)

Wild Divine uses a biofeedback device to have the player interact and manipulate tools. There are many positive ways you could use this and create online games to teach more than meditation or shooting arrows and be able to interact with others online.

There is another technology out there called heart math where one is also taught the tuning into the heart and controlling ones own internal processes. Exercise is also good for learning to control your muscles and create strength and flexibility. Pilates and yoga are two especially good for tuning in.

Start taking control of your own body and nourish it well and you can start having exactly what you would like to have! I often do guided meditations with clients to help them learn how to do this on their own. Daily practice often yields fantastic results. Find a game that works for you to have more in your life (not less like many games out there...) and start playing!

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