Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Balance Works!

What works? Balance works if you maintain it. You know when your life is feeling more in balance. You are generally happier, more relaxed, things feel more on track. You might have each area of your life running fairly well such as your relationships, your work, your home environment, time for yourself, your creative pursuits, exercise, etc.

Many people neglect one or more areas and just focus on what seems the most crucial. If you have had poor health often you will focus on health, if you have been lonely or your spouse is about to leave you from neglect, you might try to take the time to mend the fences or seek out company. It's natural.

It is also natural to see balance inside of your body. When you get too far off, you get sick. Keep being off for years and you'll finally get a serious illness. What works so much better than just putting out fires as they crop up or waiting until your so far gone you have to take action, is to start creating more balance right now!

Start incorporating foods that are more centered as good place to begin. Whole grains, vegetables, beans with some fruits and fish are generally thought of as more centered. If you have been eating a lot of meat for many years you may find relief if you give it up entirely for a little while simply like a cleanse that allows the body to use its stored up energies from that kind of fuel. If you let go of sugars for several weeks you will most likely see the difference as your body gets a chance to recover from constant over work.

Just like when you have been working far too hard for too long, you need a nice long rest. So does your body. Be gentle and stay away from all one way or all another way types of cleanses and diets and just begin living a more balanced lifestyle from now. Today. Begin!

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