Friday, March 11, 2011

The Adventures of Your Life

I would rather collect adventures than things. Some things can make the adventures that much more fun.

How often do you view your life as an adventure? What might make it more fun and exciting? I watch a woman I know who does live her life this way and I find it inspiring. She sets specific goals and goes after them. She even molds herself to be who she needs to be to have what she wants.

Some things are easy like buying the right car for the moment. Other things take more time, like finding the right guy to be the father of the brood of kids she plans to have. It looks like a step by step process of her setting her mind to something and then going after it. She continually is taking actions. She is continually adjusting her course and trying things. She is continually focused and sure of herself that her dreams will come true. And they do.

This woman is not alone. I see it all of the time. The key is to be specific and keep playing in the direction of what you want. Many people use this same recipe to get what they don't want. They are sure of what will go wrong if they try, and they get that.

Are you thinking more about what you don't want or what you do want? Are you taking actions that serve what you want? So many people want to shed some weight and then continue to overeat or choose foods that are sure to add pounds. What if you deliberately started to have adventures with food? What if you experimented with vegetables you have rarely used? What if you made a game of seeing how long you could chew each mouthful of food instead of rushing to get the meal over and move onto other things? What if one small square of dessert could be satisfying for you instead of needed two or three? What adventures would you like to experience. Each moment has the opportunity in it. Begin to create what you really want in your life today. (It's most likely more than a bite of anything.)

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