Friday, February 4, 2011

Your Food Rehab Can Do Even More Good

I'm sitting here contemplating phones and the beauty of the iphone now that you can get it with Verizon. While on the Internet I see how world food prices are rising. I am reminded of how luxurious our lives are, when for millennia most people were just working hard to have food. If food prices go up that means that in some countries more will die and unrest will rise. Just in typing this there were thousands who died from not getting enough to eat.

When you decide to do your own food rehab and toss out the Cheetos and the Oreos and start purchasing some Quinoa and Millet instead, you are starting to vote for food. If the money was funneled into real foods and not into the making of food stuff there might be more inclination on the part of those companies supplying the food, to give some to places where they have none.

Your participation in giving your dollars to the large corporations says you back what they do. Back the farmers instead. Not only will you feel fantastic, look better than ever, but you will be voting for life in a very big way.

Now stay tuned for Monday's post where we start talking Food Rehab - Steps to Get You Started...

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