Friday, February 18, 2011

Transformational Growth - Choose it

A little over a month ago I moved into this tiny little apartment in the west village of NYC. It is the 5th place I've stayed in since I got here a year ago. I am finding that certain things have been easier for me here such as doing my 5 Tibetan rites each day.

If you remember I have always found myself resistant to doing the rites. In Santa Monica I simply ignored my brain when it came up with excuses and did the rites despite my having to push myself. I did that because I saw the benefits of keeping that practice going.

I do not have that sort of resistance with food for the most part because for me the effects of eating things with sugar in them for example are so painful that it keeps me from indulgences. That has gotten easier with time to feel good about my choices and not left out or that I was somehow disadvantaged because I could not eat the chips (that had sugar or dairy or chemicals in them.) or cakes, cookies and pies that are so prevalent in our western world.

So why in this apartment has my resistance eased up and practices seem much easier to do? Is it the feng shui of the place, the lack of light that I love so much? The super low ceilings or too much heat? I suspect that perhaps after all of these moves and experiences I have just grown up enough to allow more ease around the things I want to do.

When you shift it can be so subtle that you do not really notice until you see that things have gotten easier or opportunities are showing up where they didn't before. Then you can get yourself into habits that you want. Many people wait for life to shift them. Marriages, having kids, a divorce, a death of someone close to you, all kinds of dramatic life events can cause you to transform.

Why wait? Start your own transformation today. Write out exactly what you would like your life to look like and what you want to be doing and start taking steps to be, do and have just that. It's your life and you can create it to be full of fun and ease.

I'm not talking about being a size two and eating nothing but donuts and coffee and jellybeans though. Perhaps if you go learn from yogis how to do alchemy enough to transmute your favorite indulgences into healthy fuel you could, but I suggest being a tad more conscious of the laws of physics that are easier to come by. Step up and take the reins for yourself and find how life can get sweeter.

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