Monday, February 21, 2011

Tooth Matters - My Favorite Brush Can Save You $

It might have been two years since my last dental cleaning. I know of course that we are supposed to go every six months to keep our pearly whites all sparkly and healthy, but with my somewhat rash move to NY and being unsettled here, I just did not do the searching for a dentist.

My mother scoffed when I gave her my free toothbrush after I finally went for a cleaning while visiting my folks. Why didn't I want the standard gift? Well, even with two years of nothing but brushing and flossing, the hygienist told me I didn't have much plaque at all, and my gums looked great. I doubt it is all due to my clean diet, and probably has more to do with my ionic toothbrush

It's a simple concept from Japan that uses a small charge to have the plaque literally fall of your teeth. You don't need to plug it in or use special toothpaste. You probably don't need toothpaste at all but I still like the minty freshness of using paste. The battery in the brush lasts for years so its even an economical as well as wholesome choice.

Teeth are extremely important to your health and energy, so however you chose to take care of yours - keep brushing!

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