Monday, February 14, 2011

Get a Valentine's Date with a Little Help From Mother Nature

If you have been eating out of brightly colored packages you have probably experienced the inevitable highs and lows their contents create. I'm sure you have a reasonably creative mind (yes you do and watch out for those of you who are super creative the effects of those foods can be amplified...) and find yourself internally visualizing accordingly. According to how you have been trained to think. We all have internal pictures, sounds and for some, quite vivid movies. We think about how our day will go.

Today being Valentine's day some of you might be dreaming about where you are going for dinner and the delicacies you wish to consume. Some of you are day dreaming about the bedroom and some are canceling out their happy scenarios with mental pictures of everything that could go wrong or arguments you had with a partner or the love that got away. Feelings we are told are the way we solidify what we think into our physical reality. You are creating your body and world each and every day by how you think, feel and then act.

If you have little control over your depressing feelings looming large from a diet rich in foods from boxes, cartons, bags, bowls or bottles, no wonder you feel things could be better. Face it. We train our public to fail, give 'em lots of TV to watch that confirms they are, and then feed 'em foods that ensure it will happen over and over.

Show yourself the love of eating foods that grow and let yourself be free and happy. You do not need pills and potions as much you need to learn what plant does what. (Oh yeah, that burdock will make you happy in the bedroom...slender, sexy, full of energy - goes a long way....)

And yes - still enjoy a little dark chocolate too...

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

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