Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Food Rehab

I just started reading a book for school that talks about the brains reactions with different foods. Interestingly enough, these chemicals are pretty much the same as the book I just read for a scholarship looking at why we have the experiences we have with romantic love. Pleasure centers get fired off and we get addicted to the good feelings and the hits of those chemicals.

Sugar, fat and salt are the food industries weapons to get you addicted. There is probably sugar in your potato chips on top of the simple carbs of the potato with added fat and salt. There is salt in your cookie with sugar and fat. What I was just reading is how increasing the amounts of these three and finding the right combinations can get the majority of people to want to eat more. It can absolutely bypass your normal satiation signals and get you to consume more more more.

So what is the cure for this? Well, not sure what the answer will be in the book, but from my own experience and thousands like myself who have switched diets - getting back to the whole whole whole in whole foods is where it is at. This takes a commitment for sure. There is a learning curve to get your body signals back in order but then after that, you will have power over what you eat instead of it having power over you. Once you get yourself to a place where whole foods dominate and you have gotten off the addictiveness of sugar, fat and salt combos, or even just sugar itself, you are free to have a little and be fine again.

It would seem nature built in certain chemical structures to ensure the species moved forward and kept going. A little dopamine trigger can go a long way when you have to overcome many an obstacle in the forest to get to your mate or your dinner.

A completely whole foods diet can act as a reset button to get your signals straight again. So how willing are you to switch over? Would you trade in your sugary cereal for quinoa with apples and cinnamon? How about that fat, sugar and salt salad dressing? Would you drop it for less fat, sea salt and maybe a little honey? Would you give up the Twizlers for real licorice sticks? Creating your very own food rehab isn't difficult but it takes perseverance to come clean and be more aware.

If you are ready - begin now! If you need help, just ask.

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