Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What's Your Plan?

We all have a plan. Some plan to not plan and that too is a plan. A problem with a no plan plan is that you can get stuck. I remember one client who was a binge eater. She didn't plan her meals well enough so that led her to plan her binges instead. When hungry she might sneak off to covet a dozen donuts, a packet of cookies or something of size and offense to her system that she then felt sick. Physically and emotionally.

Once I taught this woman how to plan some meals that could curb her cravings and balance prevailed, she stopped binging completely. A lot of binging behavior is based in your body chemistry and not a lack of willpower.

There was a man named Bob (not his real name.) who didn't want to think about meals until he was at the table or absolutely starving. He was a busy executive who ate out two out of three meals each day. Usually his breakfast was a bar or shake and that made him feel he was being healthy. What Bob didn't like was his size. He had been steadily gaining weight until he felt like walking whale. I think he called me out of fear when his breathing started to be labored up stairs or just walking.

Bob liked sports and I pointed out that his game plan was creating his weight gain so he might want to adopt a new one. He instantly got the picture and listened to how to foods work in the body. He didn't need to starve or eat a salad. (He hated salad.) He just needed to make better choices in both where he ate and what her ordered. We also switched those bars and shakes to whole grains and a little fruit. He told me he lost something like 40 lbs in 3 months. I don't know if he was exaggerating a tad but I'm happy he is happy and has a better way to live his life.

What's your plan?

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