Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Toss Out the Scale - Here's Why...

My four months of living at the 92nd street Y gave me many wonderful days using their sports center. I've seen people weigh themselves at the gym. They weigh themselves in the locker rooms and apparently many are still weighing themselves at home. Scale sales remain steady.

If the scale really helped with weight loss than wouldn't folks be slimmer?

I learned long ago to stop looking at the number on the scale. First because the numbers themselves can make you crazy. Say you weigh 123 pounds and then you get on the scale and it says 127 or even 130. The higher number could be shocking. Sure you knew your jeans were tighter but really 7 pounds?? Then you decide to lose weight and you go into restriction mode. You skip the desserts, cut down on portions and get exercising. The next time you weigh yourself the scale says 128. All of this effort and you've only lost two pounds. You might continue, you might restrict more or you might even binge in the frustration of this game. Some of you could even be looking at that original 123 and be saying "yeah right, I wish that was me." Guess what, this is all a game that no one can win. Most people go back to old habits or binge and keep binging and start eating more than what got their weight going up in the first place....

For others that number is never low enough. At first they will lose weight and then if it goes back up it all becomes a cycle of beating themselves up mentally because again the numbers are never good. Very few people look at the scale and say Hooray hooray I am exactly the pounds I want to be and I'm so happy. In fact, I've NEVER heard anyone say that.

The second reason to stop looking at the scale is, they lie. I don't care if your scale is precision made in Switzerland, it can't give you the real picture. Look at a pound of feathers and a pound of lard. They both weigh the exact same amount and yet the feathers take up so much more space. There is puffy weight and there is compact weight. Instead of watching the pounds go up and down, just see how you feel in your clothes or how you feel about your size.

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